"The retention of Ashburn Advisors was essential to our procurement of state grant funding for our manufacturing expansion at our West Pittston, PA facility. Their guidance, direction and knowledge of the grant application process were key to our successful execution of this project."

Motti Hershkop
President, Crown Display



Rendering of RJFB Development

Ashburn Community Redevelopment in Process
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Government Services (Private & Public)

Private Side Representation:

  • Acting as a personal government liaison, assisting clients and their organizations through the bureaucratic maze of local, state and federal governments.
  • Identifying and securing Local, State, Federal Grant and Loan funding sources.
  • Preparing Proposals related to RFPs, RFQs, Bids or other governmental requests for services, development, products etc.
  • Identifying and communicating with key personnel needed for project support and approvals.
  •  Tax Abatement Representation
  •  Tax Incremental Financing Representation

Please refer to additional private side representation pertaining to government under private development

Public (Municipal) Side Representation:

Providing support, technical and leadership services to municipal governments and authorities to achieve their goals in a variety of management and planning services
Economic Development Agent

  • Financial and Operations Management
  • Strategic Planning and Research
  • Hosting Seminars and Presentations
  • Grant Compliance Services
  • Project Management Services related to municipal construction projects
  • Project Management Services related to Financial and Operations Management

Community Redevelopment:

Assisting municipalities and redevelopment authorities in the planning and execution of redevelopment plans

  • Identifying and securing Local, State, Federal Grant Funding Sources
  • Assisting entities in the preparation and advertisement of RFP’s and RFQ’s
  • Interacting with municipal and redevelopment officials, members and solicitors
  • Downtown Revitalization /Creation of Community Gathering Points
  • Performing Compliance work to ensure that all funding disbursements meet the provider’s rules of distribution