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Starting, surviving, and eventually growing a small business during a period of global economic turmoil was the most daunting task I have ever faced. The recession’s drought on capital has been a challenge to the viability of both start-up and established businesses.

During a critical time in the growth of my new business, I was fortunate enough to meet Chris Cawley. I would soon learn that that he would become, and continue to be, an advocate for my business, and me, personally. No matter the situation, positive or negative, Chris maintained a level-headed approach to financing, and achieving our goals. At good times, Chris would explore channels to close deals with more favorable terms. Through the more difficult times, he was relentless in pursing alternative means to secure financing.

Most importantly, Chris listened. His background, knowledge, and résumé speak for themselves, but his listening and attentiveness are items not listed on any resume. I was never pressured into a situation, simply to close a deal. Chris aligned our interests, and proved how capability and patience will provide deals that make sense.

Though securing capital can be a challenging endeavor for a new small business, Chris stayed the course, breaking through the obstacles. My business is better and stronger as a result.

Kevin Joyce
Joyce Outdoor

Ashburn Advisors was very thorough through our difficult acquisition process.   Having a non-“mainstream” business, (Ice Carving, Events and Ice Manufacturing), made many lenders reluctant to take us seriously.  The economic environment of the last five years, coupled with an environmental concern on the property, added to our financing challenges.  Chris Cawley took me seriously from the first meeting and only questioned me enough to make sure we were a viable candidate for such a loan.  He guided me through the process, and coached as we jumped all the hurdles of the DEP clearance of the Environmental issue; my “mediocre” credit; and the lender’s and SBA requirements.

My intent when I contacted Chris was to find someone who I could commission to get the loan “done”, so that I could spend my efforts in doing what I do best.  We closed on an SBA loan in January 2014, in the peak of my busiest season!!

Mark S. Crouthamel, President/Owner
Sculpted Ice Works, Inc.

Our company is making a $6 million investment in the continued revitalization of downtown Pittston, Pennsylvania, constructing a 14,000 sq. ft. building which will result in 40 new employment opportunities in the community. Our project is also returning one long-dormant parcel of land back to the local tax rolls, providing additional community benefit.

Chris and his staff at Ashburn Advisors were a key component in the acquisition follow through and completion of a grant for our business located in the greater Pittston area. He and his staff of professionals were there to guide us every step of the way. Ashburn worked hard to continue the successful revitalization of the downtown of Pittston, Pennsylvania. We would not hesitate to utilize Ashburn Advisors in the future and highly recommend them to others.

Frank Cawley
RJFB Development

Ashburn Advisors assisted our development project from inception to reality, guiding us through a $3,700,000 Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) project in Pittston, Pa. It was our first RACP project, and their firm’s diligence and thoroughness helped to make our project very successful from a timing, budgetary, and effectiveness standpoint.

Throughout the entire three-year project they went above and beyond the call of duty!

Chris Gilchrist
RJFB Development

Chris Cawley and his team of experts are helping our dream become a reality. From the initial market study of feasibility and location to fund availability and financing strategies Ashburn Advisors is there leading the way.

Frank Cawley
RJFB Development

As we had never owned a business before, we had a difficult time finding the financing necessary to purchase our first business. Ashburn Advisors worked diligently to secure the loan and make our business venture come to life. Their professionalism and tenacity is incredible and we would recommend their services to anyone trying to open a small business.

Lori and Dave Kwiatkowski
Dave’s Kakes Inc.