about us

Founded in 2012, Ashburn Advisors combines the right financial resources, relationships and senior level expertise to accelerate our clients’ business growth.  Working with clients around the country and across a variety of industries, we cut through the red tape and consistently structure transactions for success.  Ashburn Advisors connects start-ups, existing businesses, commercial developers, municipal governments, and non-profit institutions to the latest traditional and non-traditional financing options available in the marketplace.  We are an intermediary for debt, capital and equity financing transactions, including commercial financing, real estate financing, hotel financing, business acquisition (M&A) financing, Small Business Association (SBA) financing and government grant and loan programs, among others.

Ashburn Advisors is a nimble, results focused team of financing experts. To service the unique needs of our clients and the industry as a whole, we bring together an array of core competencies utilized by small businesses, lenders, developers, governmental agencies, quasi-governmental entities, chambers of commerce and a multitude of other companies. These core competencies are in the fields of FINANCING, GOVERNMENT SERVICES (public & private), DEVELOPMENT (real estate & general business development), SMALL BUSINESS ADVISORY SERVICES, PROGRAM MANAGEMENT and LENDER REPRESENTATION. We get the job done by moving transactions through the right doors, structured in the right manner. Time and again, Ashburn Advisors earns the trust of our clients as well as the financial institutions and government agencies who ultimately come together to make a deal. The firm is built on vast experience in banking, business development, research and government-based programs, in addition to the management expertise of the firm’s founder and executive director, Christopher Cawley.

The Ashburn Government Services Department is dedicated to identifying and securing the resources our clients need to fulfill your goals.  Our senior staff is ready to research and identify all potential funding sources on the local, state, and federal levels.  We solve the complexity of government for both the private and public sectors.

Ashburn has years of experience in providing grant procurement and administrative services to clients with several local, state, and federal programs and agencies including the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, US Department of Agriculture, US Small Business Association, PA Department of Community and Economic Development, PA Department of Environmental Protection, PA Commonwealth Finance Authority, and Luzerne County Office of Community Development.  In its short existence, Ashburn has secured over $35 million worth of grants and an additional $100 plus million in financing for its clients.